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Our bottleless coolers replace bottled coolers that you are all accustomed with. They are placed anywhere where you need a fast, clean, pure drinking water for your manufacturing facilities, plants, factories, warehouses, supply chain facilities and others. As long as a location has access to cold water line it can be used as a location for your drinking water machines.

Be aware that Reverse Osmosis water purification systems will require a second, drain line. Standard purification systems don't.

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Our coolers can be located in medical facilities, hospitals, doctor's offices and other similar locations. We also have coolers that are ADA Compliant.


Coolers can be located anywhere in the office buildings where a proper cold water supply line is available. They are connected via a standard 1/4"

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Proper Use and Connection

Make sure products are correctly installed by a certified technicians and configured. Proper installation is the main crucial point that will provide your company with years of clean, high quality drinking water at a low cost.

Enjoy, drinks are on us!