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Industrial Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers, also called point-of-use water systems, are a great alternative to bottled water coolers. They save space and eliminate monthly bills for bottled water. No more sore backs and spilled water from lifting and dumping, and no more running out of water! Get one of the best new "old" technology solutions around - a Bottleless Water Cooler!
No more water bottles
Here you can find Industrial Water Filtration Systems.

Imagine - no more forking out money for rental and water bottles, over and over, when all bottled water company does is filter the same tap water you can filter YOURSELF, and for a lot less!

Our Bottleless Water Cooler systems can be connected to any existing water supply. All they need is cold water and a power outlet*.

Two types of water filtration are available - regular multi-stage (inludes 4 filters), and a Reverse Osmosis (includes 3 filters and reverse osmosis membrane) for a top of the line water filtration. Each water cooler has hot and cold water reservoirs, but you can start drinking water immediately, no waiting while it filters!

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* except Reverse Osmosis water coolers which usually need a drain line
Industrial Water Coolers