Questions and Answers offers a range of Bottleless Coolers to our customers. This is basic FAQ about the products

Cooler Information

Do You provide Installation?
No, you purchase product from us directly and install yourself. We will ship the machines directly to your address. That's how we maintain such low prices.
What is a Bottleless Cooler?
A Bottleless cooler is a machine that utilizes , essentially , tap water and a built-in purification system to deliver purified drinking water at desired location.
How do Filters get Replaced
You can order replacement filters directly from us, or in some cases from a manufacturer. They are extremely easy to replace and can be done by you. We strongly suggest to keep manufacturer recommended replacement intervals to maintain warranty and for best performance.

Shipping and Delivery

How Do I get a Cooler?
Your coolers are shipped from 3 different warehouses across the United States and Canada directly to you via a common carrier, such as Fedex. If more than one cooler is ordered, or for some Crystal Quest models we ship via Freight service.

Cooler Operation

How do Bottleless Machines Operate?
The machines are connected to the cold water line , either in the kitchen, under the counter, behind a wall , near a bathroom, or anywhere where the cold water line is available. It uses typically a standard 1/4" , plastic tube water line (highest end, NSF certified tubing is used) to deliver water to the cooler. From there, cooler is filters, heats or cools when appropriate button/lever is pressed and dispenses it through an appropriate faucet.