Water Coolers in USA, Canada and International

We ship our bottle-less coolers world-wide from several warehouses located in the United States. Our water purification systems have been sold to 60+ countries. We routinely ship coolers to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands directly via major carriers such as Fedex / DHL or through freight forwarders.

Water Coolers in USA

Currently in the U.S. we ship out of 3 East Coast warehouses, one of which is conveniently located close to Mexico , Caribbean and major freight forwarders in Miami.

We are conveniently located on the East Coast near all major cities - New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta and Miami are all within our quick reach. You will get a cooler shipped there extremely fast.

Water Coolers in Canada
Additional day will take us to Chicago, Boston , Houston and Dallas. For the West Coast such as Seattle and Washington, it takes 4-6 business days to deliver.

Shipping Water Coolers to Canada

We ship our machines directly to Canada via DHL, which is an air service, at a very, very low cost. We also have a partner directly in Canada, Toronto Ontario area, who may be able to send the units ground if DHL is not available in your area. Montreal and Ottawa are just as close , with Calgary in Alberta taking several extra days.

Bottle Less Water Coolers in Mexico

We have customers south of the border who order our products through numerous freight forwarders that are typically located in Texas, New Mexico, California or Miami Florida.

Water Coolers on the Caribbean

Caribbean Coolers Delivery

Some of our major customers from the islands are: 1) a caribbean telecommunication company located in Grenada , St. Lucia, Saint Martin, St. Croix and Aruba; 2) a construction company in Virgin Islands; 3) bank in the Caymans; 4) hotel in Bahamas; 5) luxury resort on a private island near Virgin Islands / BVI.